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The Silent Assassin Infiltrating our Health, Education, Justice and Government Systems

Just as many of Linda's clients don't realise their issues have their roots in unresolved trauma, Linda also never recognised that her life was steeped in trauma.

Even at a very young age, she knew deep within herself that the family violence in her home wasn't okay, she still normalised her experiences. Then, when her second child was diagnosed with a rare childhood cancer at the age of 6 months, she felt she was not prepared to deal with what was ahead. Instead, she discovered she was very well prepared because she had been dealing with trauma all her life. She just didn't know it!

When she started her studies in Gestalt Psychotherapy, it all began to unravel and reveal the trauma. Even though the trauma was over, she could see how it was still playing out in her life.

Over the four years of her Master of Gestalt Psychotherapy, she did 80 hours of her own personal therapy. She believes it is so important when you start your inner work, see it as a continuing journey, not a destination to get to.

Linda shares her experiences of UNnecessary trauma within our systems with the intention of bringing to light the difference between well resourced and under resourced people working within these systems.

This book is essential for individuals and for all who work in our systems. Linda weaves her lived experiences of UNnecessary trauma throughout the book highlighting the difference between a healing experience and a harmful experience.

Praise for Linda's Writing

Linda is the perfect person to write this book as she has over (thirty) years of first-hand experience and extensive study in the fields of trauma and various healing modalities. Her trauma therapy has been an essential part of my own trauma recovery. Her deep inner compassion and wise guidance has helped me when so many other therapists failed. Linda’s ability to share her deep inner knowledge in a clear concise manner allows her clients a safe space in which to heal. I am so thrilled that Linda is now translating her soulful wisdom into the written word. May Linda’s words bring truth, wisdom, and healing to you, the reader, and all of humanity. Abundant Blessings to all, ~Jane Allsopp
 I have been working with Linda Conyard for 3 years in the realm of personal therapy as a
student of the Master of Gestalt. I have found a true advocate and teacher, generous with her time, attention, presence, and wisdom. She is one who practices what she preaches and we
learn together through our own lived experiences. She is insightful and direct, which means I
can’t get away with a thing. However, I need this level of honesty and care in order for me to
heal and grow. Linda has helped me more than words express. I thoroughly and mightily
recommend anyone who is serious about mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health to have a chat with Linda. ~Wendy
Linda’s writings bring a deep connection to the reader by her knowledge and lived experience. She is gifted with the use of analogies – these give a clear picture, making it easy to understand her message. Her genuineness and belief in her work, her clients and her compassionate nature are evident in every paragraph. Linda puts her heart and soul into all she does, dedicated and passionate to her cause. Her resolve to eliminate all UNnecessary trauma in the world is a dream she has held for a long time and by putting pen to paper her insights and knowledge will further reach a wider section of the world. Whenever Linda speaks to a gathering or directly to her clients, she radiates warmth and compassion, and this comes through in her writings as well. She writes with honesty and love - and sometimes humour – leaving her readers with a sense of comfort, assurance, encouragement, resolve and hope. Linda’s writings are a joy to read! ~Anne

About the Author

Linda Conyard

I educate & partner with women, female entrepreneurs and female leaders in the Private, Health, Education, Justice, and Government sectors on the importance and transformational potential of recognising and healing UNnecessary Trauma.

I have had my own business since 2006, and it has had as many iterations as I have, which is the result of my continuous studies in a wide range of varied fields. My specialty field is trauma, transgenerational trauma and collective trauma work.

I live in a rural area about an hour from Brisbane City. Our place is filled with rescue animals and abundant wildlife, and it feeds my Soul.

UNnecessary Trauma is my very first book. It has taken me a lot of years and commitment to my inner work to get to this point.

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